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Racodi Pista Frameset + SALE - VENTA - VENDA

Vintage Racodi Pista Frameset Made in Spain + extras!! - SOLD - VENDIDO

Price (precio/preço): € 300 - £ 250 - R$ 690,00 - US$ 400

Postage (envio/envío): (It can be collected in Barcelona or postage paid by the buyer)

Frame comes with original forks + OFmega French Thread Headset + Zeus Pista French Thread BB + Campagnolo 26.4 Seatpost.

Top Tube: 55 cm C-C
Seat Tube: 57 cm C-C

Bottom Bracket: French (35 mm x 1 mm)

Weight (without seatpost): 3000 g

The paint has many cosmetic scratches (from normal use) and there's some rust on the BB area, but it's structurally sound.
This frame was handmade in Barcelona in the late 70s/early 80s probably by Campagnolo sales representative "Mendia". By the weight and seat tube measurements it's likely to be made using Reynolds 531 tubing, even thought it has "Columbus" stickers (it turns out that the Spanish always loved to disguise any frame into their favourite brand, more expensive frames through the use of stickers - "calcomania" as they call it in Spanish. Beware of the modern days "Chinarellos"!!!). The frame came out of the Mataro velodrome near Barcelona. Both headset and BB are freshly serviced with new grease using Campagnolo tools and they spin like new!!

It comes with:
Campagnolo Chorus seatpost
Seatpost clamp bolt
Original forks with Campagnolo forkends & chromed shoulders
OFmega French thread headset
Zeus Pista French thread Bottom Bracket

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